Purest Drinking Water.

For You and Your Family

Whether single household, family, or commercial use.
Independently how much drinking water you consume every day.
We have the solution!


Comfort. Sustainability. Health. There are so many reasons why you should care about clean water.


Water is the carrier of all our body functions. It transports nutrients and clears degradation products.

Contaminated water prevents the proper elimination of such harmful substances through your kidneys.

Waste products which remain in your body can cause cellulitis, and other deceases such as arthritis.

Water is the basis of all life on earth, our „blue planet“.


The purchase, transport, or ordering water for your home or company takes time and could end sometimes in hard physical work.

Bottled water often does not keep its promises, and the quality of water you purchase is not what you can expect for you and your loved ones.

Our systems guarantee you an easy, sustainable, and permanent solution to receive the purest form of drinking water directly from your tap.


Many countries around the world rely on bottled water as the tap water quality does not fulfill our high expectations in quality.

This causes tons of waste, seen in form of empty plastic bottles, flooding our blue planet. In the end, we need to deal with this harmful consequences for our all future.

By installing our water filter solutions you contribute to a clean and sustainable future of our earth.

Private solutions

Your drinking water source following natures principal – in your own kitchen!

Commercial solutions

Professional water filter solutions for companies, such as hotels, restaurants, or any other facility in need of clean and soft water. Best water quality to protect your machineries and provide the purest form of drinking water for your customers and staff.


Simply send us an email, call us or meet one of our product ambassador in your location!


Find below answers to your questions about our water filters.

The unfiltered water flows into the system, is filtered through 6 stages. Each filter takes over its own task (see filter description). The filtered water is stored in a tank being available to you at any time. A small portion of the unfiltered water is discharged as effluent directly into the drain.

Drinking water is an legal definition. The Drinking Water Ordinance regulates limit values that may change whenever a regulation is ammended. Up to the respective limit values contained substances, of whatever kind, are thus by definition suitable for drinking water. These reference values have been raised over the last years .Ask yourself the question “Have I also become more resistant?”. An essential part of the water quality you get out of your tap are the water pipes in your house it selves. We offer you a solution for pure, clear water, filtered by an osmosis system following space technology.

Either simply order by mail or make an appointment with one of our product ambassadors. He would be happy to come to your home, connects a test facility and shows you what our system can improve your water quality. Of course, this visit is totally free of charge.

Following your order we send you an invoice with the request to transfer the amount to our account. After receiving the payment, the product will be shipped by express services directly to the home or business address. A reference number will allow you to keep track of the delivery status. It is also possible to receive your order by regular mail. All customs and import formalities are to be done by you in this case.

Within the EU there are no customs and other charges. Outside the EU, the taxes and other charges, such as the local VAT of your state of residence, will be added to your invoice. Delivery will be made directly to the address and we will take care of all organizational matters. It is also possible to receive your order by regular mail. All customs and import formalities are to be done by you in this case.

The installation will be made by one of our local contractor. On request, this company also takes over the yearly maintenance including filter changes. On purchase, you decide whether you want a 3-way faucet (hot/cold/filtered) or keep your existing faucet and add a new tap only for osmosis filtered water.

Basically, the filters are to be changed once a year. We recommend that this exchange is carried out by one of our contracted maintenance partner, who also checks all seals to enjoy pure and clear water.

In the unlikely event technical support is needed, please contact one of our contracted maintenance partner. Of course, you can reach us directly by phone or WhatsApp +43 664 182 13 79 and email office@ms-purewater.com.

Osmosis water is almost (about 99%) free of pollutants, nitrate, sodium and minerals. Therefore, it is ideally suited for the preparation of baby food. An infant has a very sensitive organism that should not be burdened with excess minerals, especially sodium or critical impurities.

Minerals are contained in water in form of mineral salts (also called inorganic minerals). The human body absorbs minerals in this form only when it can not meet its needs in organic form from food. In contrast, minerals in foods do not appear as mineral salts, but in conjunction with proteins and natural sugars. Some inorganic minerals present in tap water are not beneficial to health. With good reason, the reverse osmosis therefore removes the minerals from the water.

Humans consist of about 70% water. The blood is about 83%, the muscles 75%, the liver 85% and even the bones 25% water. Thus, water has the largest amount of substance in our body. Water permeates every cell of the body, all metabolic processes are indirectly or directly connected to the water. The purer the water, the better it can take over the vital functions in our body.

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