Professional solutions for companies such as hotels, restaurants, or any other facility in need of clean and soft water.

Restaurants and Hotels

Best water quality to protect your machineries and provide the purest form of drinking water for your customers and staff.

Let your customers feel the softened water on their skin, a completely enjoyable experience while taking a shower, relaxing in your spa, or using the pool facilities. The revitalized water is felt to be particularly gentle on the skin, the burning sensation in the eyes is almost gone and the often unpleasant smell of chlorine is reduced.

Restaurants and bakeries started to produce their goods using activated and bio-energized water. With Aqua Spin water, dishes taste fine, all the ingredients are fresher, more aromatic, and retain their original taste.

Industry and other commercial solutions

Aqua Spin water in industrial operations achieves optimization in different production processes, a reduction in the use of necessary chemicals, easier cleaning processes and extended intervals of maintenance and repair of your equipment.

Only by reducing lime in the water, the maintenance and cleaning costs of the respective filter systems and all water-bearing machines are considerably reduced.

Products – Made in Germany

With our products from H.Preiss Germany, one of the leading companies worldwide, we guarantee you the highest level of quality of our products. Your investment is definitely worth it.

Aqua Spin – Experience a new quality of water

Soft and sediment free water. Guaranteed. The modified structure of lime will protect you from unpleasant deposits. No more damage to your machineries, neither visible lime after drying.

By spinning the water following the natures concept we achieve a change of the lime structure, vitalizing and energizing the tap water. The Aqua Spin comes along with our pre-filter system FilterMax.

Cooler 5030 – Water Dispenser

Also our Cooler 5030 follows the concept to filter water by using membrane technology. This procedure follows the filtering concept of our nature.

Cold and hot water

The water dispenser offers you cold and hot water at any time. The temperature range for cold water lies between 4C and 10C, the hot water between 75C to 90C. Therefore, the hot water tap is equipped with a safety lock.

The device is equipped with five different stages of filtering, including a sediment filter, activated carbon filter, semipermeable membrane, and germination refining filters guaranteeing the highest standards of drinking water.

Hydropro 24 – The commercial solution for pure drinking water

The Hydropro 24 convinces with its high quality and high performance. The daily output of up to 3,400 liters  makes Hydropro 24 the most powerful solution of our products.

Thanks to its small size and high performance, the Hydropro 24 is is the ideal solution for hotels, restaurants, and any other business requiring the purest form of drinking water.

Lamanata 24 – The most powerful water dispenser

The Lamanata 24 is the most powerful osmosis water dispenser on the market. Allow your customers to enjoy refreshments anytime, in any kind. Hot or cold drinking water, still or sparkling. Whatever you and your customers wish is ready at anytime. Purest drinking water directly connected to the normal water pipe.

Stratos – Water softener

The Stratos HE 15 / HE 25 water softener offer maximum comfort and a long service life. Thanks to the operating system HE Electronic Demand the salt and water consumption are reduced by 50% compared to standard system consumption. This makes the system even more environmentally friendly.

We would love to support you in your decision

Our company is located in Austria/Europe specialized in the international distribution of water filter solutions. Our product ambassadors are delighted to help you for any questions in your location.


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