The purest form of drinking water – directly from your water tap.
Softened water – for a comfortable feeling on your skin and to protect your equipment.

Quality directly from Germany

We guarantee you the highest level of quality and long lasting products. Your investment is definitely worth it, also for our environment.

The purest form of osmosis filtered drinking water for you and your family

Water is our number one substance to survive, and there is no place for harmful or foreign substances in. Therefore, the less unnatural ingredients are contained in the water, the better. There is a strong correlation between disease rates and drinking water quality. A biologically healthy water is low in minerals, slightly acidic, little oxidized and has a value of 0 to 89 micro-Siemens.

Contaminated water slows down the excretion via our kidneys. What we can not excrete remains as slag in the connective tissue (cellulite), in the intercellular tissue and in our joints (arthritis). According to the latest medical findings, water should be as pure as possible, free of pollutants and low in minerals.

Environment and sustainability

We ask a lot from our planet. Blooming economies result in increased consumption, but also in more waste. Especially the increased demand of bottled water burdens our environment.

The following reasons should make you stop buying bottled water:

  • Energy costs and pollution to produce, fill, pack, and store bottled water
  • Transportation costs and pollution to deliver your bottled water
  • The production of plastic bottles consumes tons of oil
  • There is no need to transport water around the globe anymore
  • Plastic will end up as waste, even if you recycle it
  • Up to 90% of the purchase price we pay for bottled water covers costs for transport, logistics, marketing, and profit. Only 10% of the price we pay for the water itself

Our personal goal is to offer our customers the opportunity to simply consume the best and purest form of drinking water directly from the tap – our newest osmosis technologies make this happen.

Osmose Water Filter

to produce the purest form of drinking water, free of germs and sediments – simply healthy water directly from your tap at home or as a freestanding water dispenser.

ARTESIA 24 – The purest form of drinking water directly from your tap

The membrane technology we use is an achievement of the space technology.

All parts other than water molecules (H2O) are bigger in size.

Simply because of their smaller size, only water molecules can pass while increasing the water pressure through the membranes. All other particles will be blocked and drained during this process.

The membranes will filter substances such as heavy metals, hormones, pesticides, rust, drug residues, bacteria, nitrate, microorganisms, asbestos fibers, nitrite, chlorine, chlorine decomposition products, herbicides, and many more.



The Flowcooler allows you to tap chilled pure drinking water. The device is made out of stainless steel, the handle allows easy use.All other settings are done on the backside of the device for your convenience.

Cooler 5030 – Water Dispenser

Also our Cooler 5030 follows the concept to filter water by using membrane technology. This procedure follows the filtering concept of our nature.

Cold and hot water

The water dispenser offers you cold and hot water at any time. The temperature range for cold water lies between 4C and 10C, the hot water between 75C to 90C. Therefore, the hot water tap is equipped with a safety lock.

The device is equipped with five different stages of filtering, including a sediment filter, activated carbon filter, semipermeable membrane, and germination refining filters guaranteeing the highest standards of drinking water.

Water Cooler AVANT – For cold and hot water with UV technology

The most developed water dispenser. The new extended serving area is also suitable for cups and small bottles. With a shielded sampling point, designed to be extremely user-friendly and hygienic. Simply fill you own private water gallon using our Artesia 24, and enjoy the comfort of a high end water dispenser in any location.

Filter systems directly at your main water supply

Soft and sediment free water. Guaranteed. The modified structure of lime will protect you from unpleasant deposits.

Soft skin, shiny hair

Even with daily showering and hair washing you will appreciate the new quality of its lively water. You will use less shower gel, your skin and your hair will thank you.

No more lime scale. You will see the difference.

No more lime scale on your glass shower. We modify the structure of lime, so you will not see any lime depositis anymore.

To protect your appliances.

Soft water protects your appliances, such as washing machines, and reduces the costs of maintenance and repair. By modifying the structure of lime we avoid deposits in your machines.

Aqua Spin including pre-filter – Protecting your supply lines

By spinning the water following the natures concept we achieve a change of the lime structure, vitalizing and energizing the tap water. The Aqua Spin comes along with our pre-filter system FilterMax.

Stratos – Water softener

The Stratos HE 15 / HE 25 water softener offer maximum comfort and a long service life. Thanks to the operating system HE Electronic Demand the salt and water consumption are reduced by 50% compared to standard system consumption. This makes the system even more environmentally friendly.

We would love to support you in your decision

Our company is located in Austria/Europe specialized in the international distribution of water filter solutions. Our product ambassadors are delighted to help you for any questions in your location.


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